Phil Cannella: The Innovator in Retirement Savings

phil cannella

Phil Cannella AKA Phillip Cannella is known for his innovation with his Crash Proof Retirement System.  You can hear Phil Cannella on the radio on Legends 100.3FM or 1210 WPHT Philadelphia Talk Radio. Mr. Cannella developed a system that is Crash Proof to the market. If we see another market crash your money will be safe with Mr. Cannella.

I met Phil Cannella at one of his events in the Philadelphia area after listening to some of his radio shows. I knew meeting Phil Cannella was a must after I heard some of the raving reviews on him. I found some amazing video testimonials right on his website and YouTube. My first reaction when seeing Phil Cannella speak in front of hundreds of people at one of his events was a great moment. He had me laughing while being extremely informative. There were too many hands that were raised up on how many of them lost money in the last crash and their financial advisors didn’t “care”.

I like to consider myself as a wise old man, but hearing Phil Cannella talked reminded me about how much I didn’t know about my own retirement plan. He broke it down to everyone in the crowd on why our retirement is at risk. I wasn’t the only one who received the knowledge we’re all waiting for. This video below shows why Phil and Joann educated before selling.

Being educated before being sold was important to me, as I am writing this my financial advisor is wondering why I am questioning my retirement planning that he had setup for me. I asked him why can’t I touch my hard earned money right now without fees, he was relentless of not educating me, but telling me to wait. I want to be like this Crash Proof Retirement Consumer, being able to go on vacation and enjoy my retirement.

Phil Cannella is a true retirement advocate by providing an education to me why I am not invested the correct way. Phil Cannella explained everything to me and I was lucky enough to sit down with him for a few minutes to discuss my current situation and how I just wanted to protect my assets. Phil Cannella and The Crash Proof Retirement System is going to be my next journey for retirement. The double digit returns and being able to protect my assets when the market goes on a downward trend is enough of comfort for my family and I. Thank you Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement. Learn more about Phil Cannella on his own website Crash Proof Retirement.

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