XRP Headed for a Major Breakout?


As we head into July 2018 and we get closer and closer to 2019 and even the start of the next decade! These years are going to filled with us seeing the internet become more accessible and being more involved in our day to day lives. During these years, many people believe that the market could see Ripple boom and prosper.

For some time now, the price of virtual currencies has been on somewhat of a downer. As we all know, nothing is certain in the cryptocurrency market and only time will tell as to where Bitcoin, Ether or Ripple are heading. Those who invest in cryptocurrencies like, Tron, Neo, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. all think that they have the next big virtual asset that is bursting at the seams, ready for a breakout. However, crypto like Ripple (XRP) has very smart investors, but why is this?

In order to be a smart investor in the cryptocurrency market, you need to look into general principles and the basics to guide you on how your investment(s) will be successful, rather than look into the history or the currency or rumours of what MIGHT come around the corner.

With Ripple becoming one of the biggest digital assets in the market, it has claimed itself to be centre stage in the industry due to the unique strides it has taken so far. XRP has just started a partnership with FinTech and other big name financial companies.

Despite the altcoin facing questions as to whether it is still a secure currency or not, Ripple hasn’t been dazed through this news. Instead, it has launched more ventures like the initiative of University blockchain.

On the verge of a breakout

Even with the aforementioned partnerships, the debate on ripples security is still very much in the air.

The importance of naming XRP as secure is crucial, as if it is declared as being not a security then it will have to follow the same rules and regulations as other stocks.

Currently, Ripple is facing lawsuits because of the fact that XRP was named at the security. However, the argument still lingers, and Ripple has boosted its pace through partnering with big financial companies, growing its blockchain technology and ‘creating initiatives’. With these in mind, the virtual currency is on the very of a ‘mega breakout’.

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